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Our Mission 

Guiding Sheep Ministries strives to assist families in coping with stress, difficulties of daily life, and problems faced in today's complex and ever-changing society. 


Guiding Sheep is excited to announce the expansion of our AG-H.O.P.E program!

We are expanding services to include assistance for individuals over the age of 55 though Hope Gardeners. This is your chance to grow, learn, share and gain assistance in gardening regardless of experience or space. Each family with an immediate family member over the age of 55 will receive a free gardening kit full of supplies!  For more information, please visit the AG-H.O.P.E home page. To access the sign-up form, click the sign-up button below! Come grow with us!

Please note, at this time, this program is for Swain and Jackson County residents only. This years program sign-up has concluded. Please check back for more programs!

Upcoming Events 

AG-H.O.P.E Youth Agriculture Workshops- Spring 2021

Stem and agriculture focused for youth ages 13 and under.

Visit our youth page to learn more! 

Community Garden Food Distribution- Spring- Fall, 2021

Our goal is 10,000 pounds of consumable products to be grown and

donated to food pantries in Western North Carolina. Visit our volunteer

page if you would like to help!

AG-H.O.P.E Hope Gardeners Additional Events- Summer 2021 

We are growing together! Additional events are resources will be

sent to all Hope Gardener program participants throughout the summer! 

Dairy Farm